Pub Quiz

Every Sunday

Come over and join us for our weekly quiz, bring your friends and family along where you'll be in for a fun evening of quizzing about current affairs, music, film, general knowledge and more!!

It costs £2 per person

Max team size is 6 people

First prize £100 bar tab!

Premier League Football

All games shown

The Premier League is back and the huge expectation is being lived up to! We’ll show all games over the 7 screens we have! No need to book a table, just come on down and grab a seat and a beer!

Formula 1

Sundays throughout the F1 calendar

We’re screening all of the Formula 1 action starring Verstappen, Hamilton and co throughout the F1 calendar including selected qualifying and sprints!

Eat The Bird!


Eat the Bird have taken over our kitchen! Come on down to try their outrageous, award winning, chicken!