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Our beautiful Micro Brewery has been the beating heart of the King Street Brew House since it opened in 2016. This integral feature of our venue is operated by Simon, our Head Brewer, who oversees the whole brewing process on site. Keep an eye out on social media to keep up to date with what we have on...or better yet, pop by for a pint!



Socks & Sandals, a 3.8% Best Bitter with a distinct caramel biscuit flavour balanced with a subtle fruity and herbal aroma from Admiral and Bobek hop varieties. Available in cask only.

Shaft, a malt heavy, 5% English Porter that has a strong initial stone fruit flavour followed by a roasted coffee and chocolate after taste. Available in Keg.

Pasty Git, a hoppy English Pale Ale that is light and refreshing and, at 4.2%, also very sessional. A simple malt bill is used for this beer to allow the hop flavours and aromas to shine through. A clean bitterness is provided by Admiral and Bramling Cross while the fresh, dry hop aroma comes from Minstrel. Available in Cask.

White Trash, a hop-forward 5.8% American IPA that exhibits two of new world hop varieties. Southern Cross is used throughout the boil to give a strong bitterness and fruity hop aroma. The beer is also generously dry-hopped with Mosaic to give it a distinctive blueberry fruity aroma. Available in Keg.

RedNeck, a 4.6% Red Rye IPA available in Cask and Keg. Red Neck is brewed with Melanoiden Malt, CaraRed and a little Carafa III to give it its distinctive red colour and Rye Malt is added to give it a nice dry finish. Summit and Chinook provide a smooth bitterness with Chinook and Cascade combining to give it a nice hop aroma.


Hefty Weizen gets it’s name from the German name for this style, Hefeweizen. In German ‘Hefe’ means yeast and ‘Weizen’ means wheat, and due to the higher abv of this brew, Hefty Weizen seemed appropriate. The grain for this beer was 50/50 mix of malted barley and malted wheat, as is traditional for the style, but what really defines this style is the yeast. The Bavarian Wheat Beer yeast used results in a lot of fruity ester flavours being produced during fermentation, giving Hefty Weizen its banana/clove/spicy taste and aroma.


Comb Over is our take on a White IPA, a mix of Belgian and American Styles. The only hop used throughout out the boil, and in dry hopping, was the US variety Chinook which gives spicy, pine and citrus flavours to the beer. Some crushed coriander seeds and the zest and juice of oranges was added toward the end of the boil to build on the spice and citrus aromas from Chinook. This beer is named after a certain US presidential candidate – we’ll leave you to guess which one!


Doppelgänger is an American Amber Ale that contains a variety of Munich and Crystal malts to give the beer a biscuity malt flavour. This is then balanced with generous boil additions of two US hop varieties – Summit and Cascade. Cascade was then also used in the fermenter to add more fresh hop aroma. This beer is a counterpart to Comb Over, and is named after the other US presidential candidate.


The Berliner Weisse style originates from Berlin and is traditionally mixed with fruit syrups to balance our the sourness. Our version of this beer has a lower sourness than is traditional, but the result is a refreshingly tart beer with a distinctive grainy wheat taste. This beer was soured in the kettle using natural yoghurt, so it may contain lactose.


Munich Dunkel is our take on one of the first beer styles to be brewed in Germany after the strict purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, was introduced in 1516. A brew filled with German ingredients, from the Carafa Special Type 3 malt and the Spalter hops, to the Bavarian lager yeast – this beer is dark and full of rich, malty flavours.

Bogan- this Pale Ale exhibits Southern Cross and Rakau, two often overlooked New Zealand hop varieties. These hops give the beer a nice citrusy and peachy aroma and at 3.8% this beer is very sessionable. Available in Cask.

Atomic Blonde, a 3.6% summer Blonde Beer, Atomic Blonde is brewed with a blend of English and German hops. The beer is then fermented with a German Ale yeast, giving it a cleaner and crisper taste. This beer is perfect for sunny afternoons sat outside the brew house. Available in Cask.


Hooligan is a dry-hopped German lager. Noble German hop varieties are used for bitterness and aroma in the kettle and then Mandarina Bavaria is used to dry hop the beer during the final few days of fermentation giving the beer a slight haze. Mandarina Bavaria gives this lager a pleasant tangerine/citrus aroma which compliments the clean and crisp taste. Available in Keg only.

Liberty, the latest beer to be added to our core range, is a 4.7% American Pale Ale hopped with Chinook and Comet. These hops give Liberty a citrusy grapefruit flavour and aroma. Available in Cask.


A recent addition to our beer selection, this 4.3% Pale Ale is brewed with different hops each time we make it. The first batch was single hopped with Cascade and the next batch to be released was brewed with Centennial and Simcoe. Available in Keg only.


This years home brew competition was won by Luke Davies’ Oatmeal Stout, ‘Get Your Oats’. This 4.5% stout has replaced Shaft for the time being and is brewed with plenty of darker malts as well as oats.